Hi, I'm Debby


My passion for art evolved over the years since as a child in London, I would accompany my father to his art gallery and on Saturdays to his  stall at Portobello market. When I was 9 years old we immigrated to Tel-Aviv Israel where he established Stern Gallery in 1971.

30 years later I myself became the owner of Stern Gallery Tel-Aviv, my mission being the promotion of Israeli contemporary painting alongside the classic art the gallery became famous for. But trading was not my real passion. I discovered that the research involved with curating exhibitions excited me the most.



~ Writing ~

I discovered my love for writing in 2003, when I started blogging. I was surprised to discover that people actually enjoy reading what I write. That’s something you can’t anticipate until you actually start writing. 

My writing is clear and accessible. My aim is to de-mystify the art world, ill-known for its inaccessible jargon, dubbed “Art English”. I like helping “regular” non-artsy people understand how the fascinating art world works and what it’s all about.

כחוקרת תרבות שבחרה להתמקד בשדה האמנות, בה אני פועלת, הרגשתי צורך לשתף הניתוחים וכך נולד ספרי  מדוע הפסיקה המונה ליזה לחייך על עולם האמנות בעידן של שינוי״. הספר יצא לאור בינואר 2015 וזכה לביקורות טובות ושלוש המהדורות שלו אזלו. בימים אלה אני עובדת על הגירסה האנגלית העדכנית של הספר.

The attention I received from my book led to invitations to contribute to prominent Israeli publications – print and online: Lady Globes magazine (print and web), Ynet – the top online portal for current affairs on the Hebrew web, Jerusalem post (English) and Ma’ariv (print and web).

In 2012 I started writing a weekly newsletter, sent by email to what has become a list of thousands of art lovers. “This week in the art world” has been ongoing ever since and has actually become the primary source in Hebrew for commentary on the current international and local art news.

את הבלוג הראשון שלי פתחתי ב- 2003 ומאז לא הפסקתי לכתוב. בבלוג שלי בקפה דה מרקר – ניסיון ותהייה – כתבתי במשך כמה שנים 106 פוסטים וב- 2009 פתחתי אתר שלי שעכשיו סוף סוף צורה מקצועית. הפוסטים שכתבתי באתר זה בשנים האחרונות היו באנגלית וניתן לקרוא אותם כאן, תחת הכותרת ״מחשבות על אמנות ותרבות״. עכשיו אני כותבת כאן גם בעברית.

It’s funny, but my speaking career actually started on television, where I was given a spot on a nightly cultural program that aired in 2017. I am a regular speaker on the radio, often invited  as an expert to talk about art world news.


I am currently  building a bank of lectures that I am happy to give in private and corporate events. I am a member of the popular Talkhouse  Tel-Aviv team of speakers and lecture there monthly.

~ Personal ~

I am a proud mother of three wonderful young adults and work with my husband Eyal, who is also my business partner and a very busy art restorer.

I am a constant learner and I read a lot. I also am an avid Pilates  practitioner and love walking by the sea. My favourite place in Israel is Mitzpeh Ramon, a tiny desert town on the cliff of the Ramon crater in the south of Israel. I try to spend as much time there as I can. 


Thanks for stopping by and I hope you  relate to  my content and find it valuable, interesting and inspiring.

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