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The last Leonardo?

Three years have passed since Leonardo da Vinci's Salvator Mundi 'became the most expensive painting in history and has since disappeared. The story of the painting, the doubts that arose after its sale and also its trajectory before the sale sound like a particularly creative Hollywood movie.

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Show me the money!

This week, a 2005 painting by Banksy sold for $ 9.8 million, making the second place in Banksy’s sales records. The interesting story of this painting, the virtual sale and the dissonance between street art and art worth millions are the topics discussed in this post.

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Black artists matter

Within the Black lives matter movement lies a sub-category of black artists who have been suffering from discrimination and under-representation for years. The BLM movement also sheds light on African artists, but sometimes, albeit their good intentions, museums create more damage.

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