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Collecting art – for love or money?

Why on earth do people buy art? For love? For money? As an academic researcher on the subject of art collecting, I frequently witness misconceptions that people have about art collectors. Read on for some examples....

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The Jerusalem syndrome

The rise and fall of Jerusalem in Israeli art as presented in the exhibition I curated at Stern Gallery Tel-Aviv titled "Jerusalem - sacred and profane".

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Art in crisis

Despite the glitzy image of the art world and the record breaking prices that hit the news in the past year, behind the scenes, the art world is suffering from a crisis in terms of values and economy. Contradictions are inherent in this topsy turvy world. A small number of high end sales do not reflect the reality.

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The wandering art collectors

Don't you wonder what makes them wander? At least four times a year art collectors flock to the big art fairs - this weekend their private jets are clogging up Miami airport. Why are art fairs so attractive? Read on...

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For sale: second hand from a celebrity

Is it worth being a celebrity? Ask Eric Clapton! Yesterday he sold his watch for 3.4 million dollars. Last month Sotheby's auctioned a painting by Gerhard Richter from his collection. It sold for 34 million dollars. Why do people pay more for objects owned by celebrities?

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Summarizing the art market in the first decade of the 21st century

If I were asked to give this decade a title - without hesitation I would name it “The contemporary art revolution”. In this decade all records were broken and it seems that all the fundamental parameters that determined the prices of the art market were disrupted.

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Private goes public

Are private collection shows indeed an insult to scholars and curators? An important part of having a collection is showing it to others.Therefore, these collection shows should be seen as a gift to the public - even if there is some vanity here - look at the bright side and run to see the trophies - This may be your only chance..

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