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"Debby brings a high level of enthusiasm, insight and meaning to art through her wonderful lectures. She is very knowledgeable and always well prepared. Willing to answer questions and supply interesting anecdotes. Thanks to her, over the past years I learned to love, appreciate and most of all, understand art as never before".
Libi Raiter Kalush
Technion student

 Let me be your guide!
My lectures will entertain, inspire and enrich your knowledge and
understanding of the complex world of art.

I have attended all Debby’s online lectures and I watch them over and over again. So grateful for this privilege for thrilling, educational experiences that always leave me with a taste for more.
Debby is a pleasant and fluent lecturer. She speaks at eye level and spices up the lecture with fun stories. Highly recommended!
Art lover
If you have the curiosity to feel close to an artist and his work, to experience the art of their time, to touch the past and hear about the future of art, these are the gifts you receive from Debby's lectures.
Natalia Rubin
Art lover
I attended several lectures that Debby delivered on Zoom. Debby introduced me in an interesting and fluent way to the world of contemporary art.
Esti Sela
Social worker
The Covid pandemic has paved the way for online interaction, regardless of physical distance. Now that platforms such as Zoom and online streaming have become part of our world, I’m happy to offer my overseas readers the opportunity to experience my live online lectures. Please register below for information of future lectures and other interesting content.