Banksy – the most famous anonymous artist

Title: Banksy – The Most Famous Anonymous Artist.

Lecture duration: 1:15hr

Languages: English, Hebrew.

Target Audience: Anyone who loves street art and wants to learn more about the subject and Banksy – The King of Street Art.

This lecture is about Banksy, one of the most fascinating and famous artists in the world, who has been able to keep his identity a secret since he started working on the streets of Britain in the 1990s. In an age where everyone knows everything, the value of mystery is priceless. Banksy paints the streets and every new work evokes an amazing buzz. People will do anything to see his artwork and are even willing to steal them along with the walls they are painted on. But most of all, everyone wants to know who Banksy is.

It is interesting to ask why Banksy, of all the street artists, has achieved such fame? Perhaps because he is a kind of Robin Hood of the art world. His messages always support the helpless. He is a sort of friendly troll and a witty cynic,  who continuously moves around like a ninja without leaving a trace. In addition, he enjoyed bursting the stuffy bubble of the art market, and this past October, at a prestigious art auction, he operated a remote control from an encrypted version within a painting frame, and the  piece began self destructing just after being sold at a million dollars.