Jeff Koons – how did he conquer the art world

Title: Jeff Koons – How Did He Conquer The Art World

Lecture duration: 1:15hr

Languages: English, Hebrew.

Target Audience: Jeff Koons lovers, Jeff Koons haters, art lovers who are interested in contemporary art and want to understand the success of Jeff Koons.

Keywords: contemporary art, money, value, taste, kitsch

This lecture is about the most controversial artist in contemporary art – Jeff Koons. Some consider him a genius and others see him as the king of kitsch. The controversy surrounding Koons, the most expensive living artist in history, raises questions about taste, the connection between art and money, credibility and personality.
You can love him, you can hate him but you can’t ignore the phenomenon called Jeff Koons. Even if you hate kitsch, you can’t ignore the new language he introduces into the elitist art world.

Koons loves bright, colorful things that reflect their surroundings. It makes one think:  If this is the kind of art heralded by society, what does it say about us?

This lecture will follow Jeff Koons’ path to fame through his marriage to Cicciolina, his admiration for Michael Jackson, Salvador Dali and Andy Warhol, to collaborations with Lady Gaga and Louis Vuitton. Koons challenges us to examine the fine line between elitism and bad taste.


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